Local operations, Kenyan

Ended up in the streets of Nairobi at the age of 5 and through the Nai Nami project is now an entrepreneur and community leader. He does everything, from working with our Artisans to coordinating local volunteers, shipping products and guaranteeing everything is on track in Nairobi. He loves exchanging ideas and he is pushing several social projects to help poorer communities.


Finance & Logistics, Portuguese

With consulting experience and having lived and traveled across different countries in Africa, Sara believes in the power of business with impact to be a force for good. She oversees the organization of strategic and daily tasks to ensure artisans are supported and products get to your door.


Marketing & Sales, Italian

With consulting experience in the fashion and luxury space. Joined Sara in the Karioko dream, with the excitement of making something positive and with a real impact for the African local communities. Taking care of Karioko external image and of the relationship with all of our precious customers.


This project was only possible due to the numerous voluntary contributions of friends and family across the world
(developers, models, designers, photographers) who helped make this dream possible. Once again, we would like to thank you all! You know who you are