Our story begins in a colorful market of an impoverished area of Nairobi.

In a chance encounter, Sara’s love for Africa, fashion and social businesses met the entrepreneurial spirit and dreams of Kissmart, a Kenyan storyteller.
Starting from there, Sara and Kissmart decided to set up a social business to provide new opportunities to talented women artisans, who handcrafted beaded jewelry in that colorful market of Nairobi.
When also Noemi joined the dream the team was set up and Karioko, our cause-to-wear jewelry brand, was born.

Our story and our work is profoundly shaped by the passion and creativity of our women artisans, who support their families and communities through their beautiful handicraft work.

We strongly believe that authentic local craftsmanship and culture can become a powerful source of change for African women to climb up the social and economic ladder. This is why we decided to do our best to unlock this change.

Karioko is a dream: to enable sustainable growth for African communities.


Welcome to Karioko Handmade! #BeadsForACause

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